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Dark Model
OriginNew York City, United States
Tokyo, Japan
GenresElectronica, neoclassical
Years active2012–present
LabelsModel Electronic
MembersTatsuya Oe

Dark Model is an electronic music project founded by music producer Tatsuya Oe, based in the United States and Japan. The project focuses on orchestral-electronic and storytelling-themed instrumental music. The project has released two full albums so far, and its music has been licensed and featured in many media projects, from box office film trailers to advertising campaigns.

Foundation and early works (2012-2013)[edit]

Oe, who had been also known as electronic dance music producer/DJ Captain Funk since the late 90s, founded the project in May 2012 in Tokyo, Japan, to create beat-oriented, but symphonicelectronic music focusing on storytelling and cinematic elements.

Soon after the launch, several tracks of the project’s early work were used and in media and advertising campaigns, such as Lexus ES 2013/2014 ad campaign, promo trailer of Elysium, and The Paperboy advertising campaign.[1] In December 2012, "Oath (Dubstep Remix)" was licensed and featured in Verizon Wireless TV commercial “Droid DNA -Extra Sensory” with its artwork,[2] which was aired across the U.S. Along with the campaign, Verizon Wireless distributed the ringtone and ringback tone versions of the track.

In May 2013, the project’s first nine tracks including “Fate,” “Judgment Day,” “Fire Back,” “Requiem for an Angel” were publicly released.

In September 2013, Oe relocated from Tokyo to New York City, United States.

First Album (2014-2016)[edit]

In May 2014, his label Model Electronic released the self-titled debut album of Dark Model in the form of CD and digital downloads. The album has 16 tracks including new tracks such as “Broken Arrows,” “Close to Infinity”, “Ran (Resistance),” “Moment of Truth,” as well as new mixes of “Fate,” “Judgment Day,” “Oath (Dubstep Remix).” On Bandcamp, “Oath (Original Mix)” was added as a bonus track.[3]

Regarding his first self-titled album, Garret Jutte wrote in the Guardian Liberty Voice that Dark Model "created an album that many different music fans can enjoy. Whether they are attracted to dubstep, classical, EDM, or something else, Dark Model gathers so many different elements and finds a way to combine them into something monumental and dramatic."[4]

In March 2015, the album was nominated for the 14th Annual Independent Music Awards in the Dance/Electronica Album category.[5]

Saga “Unleash Your Inner Hero” (2017-present)[edit]

In Jan 2017, Oe announced that Dark Model’s second album Saga[6] would be released on March 24, 2017.[7] With this album, Oe emphasized conceptual aspects of the project and named the tag line of the album as “Unleash Your Inner Hero.” In addition to the original release in the U.S, and the album was licensed and released in Japan by a Japanese label Music Mine. The Japan edition includes “Oath (Original Mix)” as a bonus track.

Oath (Original Mix)” was featured on Xbox OneForza Motorsport 5” campaign video,[8] while “Broken Arrows” was featured in the 2016 reel of Mr. X Inc, an award-winning visual effects company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.[9] “Judgment Day” was used in the first part of Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: Jimmy Fallon.”

In his review of Saga, Johnny Taylor wrote via the Huffington Post, "Listen, if instrumental-video game-techno-orchestral-anime-horror film music is what you dig the most, then this album is perfect. Even if you don’t generally like that, it’s close to perfect. Go get on a treadmill, put on your headphones, and pretend that there is a killer chasing you. This is the soundtrack for it."[10]

Trailer Music News introduced the album, stating, “Featuring a combination of electronic sounds and orchestra, Saga is an energetic and epic album with a good rhythm.”[11]

In July 2017, “Oath (Original Mix)” was featured on the trailer of Blizzard Entertainment‘s online video game Overwatch.

In April 2018, Saga won the 16th Annual Independent Music Award (IMA) for Best Dance/Electronica Album.[12]


Full Albums[edit]

  • Dark Model (2014) (Model Electronic)
  • Saga (2017) (Model Electronic)

Mini Album[edit]

  • Yami (via Bandcamp) - Nine tracks from Dark Model's early work.

Single Tracks[edit]

  • "Oath (Dubstep Remix)"
  • “Oath (Original Mix)”

Awards and nominations[edit]

Independent Music Awards

Year Nominee / work Award Result
2015 Dark Model Best Dance / Electronica Album Nominated
2018 Saga Best Dance / Electronica Album Won


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