Darvish Khan

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Darvish Khan
Darvish Khan.jpg
Background information
Born 1872
Origin Tehran, Iran
Died 1926
Genres Persian traditional music
Instruments tar

Darvish Khan (Persian: درویش‌خان ‎‎, Gholam Hossein Darvish; 1872 – 22 November 1926) was a Persian classical musician and a tar player.[1]


Darvish Khan was born in Tehran.

His teachers included his father and Aqa Hossein-Qoli Farahani. He was a member of the Aziz Soltan music group. Later, he attended the Dar ol-Fonoon Music School. He received the First-Class medal from the French government for his works and concerts for the indigent.

Darvish was a very talented player and composer of tar. He added a sixth cord to this instrument in order to extend its tuning possibilities and to enhance its sound. He is known to have invented 'pish-daramad', a free-standing composition played at the beginning of a performance.

He played a concert at the Grand Hotel of Tehran with other great masters of Persian music of his time, including Aref Qazvini. Darvish left for London and Tbilisi to record

He died at the age of 54, on 22 November 1926, in an accident. His carriage was hit by a lorry automobile which was very rare at that time. It is said that he was the first Iranian to be killed in a car accident.

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