Dat Whoopty Woop

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Dat Whoopty Woop
Studio album by Soopafly
Released July 31, 2001
Recorded 1999 - 2001
Genre West Coast hip hop, gangsta rap
Length 72:26
Label D.P.G. Recordz
Producer Soopafly, Daz Dillinger
Soopafly chronology
Bangin West Coast

Dat Whoopty Woop is the debut album from Long Beach, California producer and rapper Soopafly. The album came out on July 31, 2001.

Production and features[edit]

The album was produced by Soopafly and Daz Dillinger only, the album has featuring guest such as like Tray Deee from Tha Eastsidaz, Bad Azz, Kurupt, Richie Rich, Gonzoe from Ice Cube group Kausion and Snoop Dogg.

Track listing[edit]

All songs are produced by Soopafly and Daz Dillinger

No. Title Writer(s) Length
1. "Y'all Niggaz Betta Reconize"   3:05
2. "This Type of Flow"   4:05
3. "Hell Yeah" (featuring Tray Deee)   4:28
4. "Can I Git Bucc" (featuring Crooked I and Daz Dillinger)   4:19
5. "Way 2 Often" (featuring Kurupt)   4:23
6. "Everyday" (featuring Lil' C-Style, Tray Deee and Bad Azz)   4:29
7. "There Will Never Be Another" (featuring Daz Dillinger, Richie Rich and Gonzoe)   4:49
8. "Bacc 2 L.A." featuring Xzibit and Daz Dillinger 4:31
9. "Like It or Not"   5:00
10. "Dat Whoopty Woop" (featuring Snoop Dogg)   5:47
11. "Pimp City" (featuring Daz Dillinger)   5:10
12. "Phone Conversation"   5:12
13. "Playing Games"   3:14
14. "Why You Wanna Act This Way"   4:01
15. "Freak Freak"   4:23
16. "Baby Boy"   5:12
Total length: 72:26