Data-Pop Alliance

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Data-Pop Alliance
TypeThink Tank
  • New York City
Key people
Emmanuel Letouzé, Patrick Vinck, Alex "Sandy" Pentland
AffiliationsHarvard Humanitarian Initiative, MIT Media Lab, Overseas Development Institute, Flowminder

Data-Pop Alliance is a non-profit think tank founded by the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, MIT Media Lab and the Overseas Development Institute.[1][2][3] Emmanuel Letouzé is Director and Co-Founder and Alex Pentland is Academic Director.[4] Its research areas includes public policy,[5][6] inequality,[7] privacy,[8] crime,[9] climate change[10][11] and human rights.[12]

Data-Pop Alliance is a partner for the United Nations Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data and the Sustainable Development Learning & Training Course Partnerships.[13] In addition, it is a partner of the United Nations System Staff College in the context of Agenda 2030.[14]


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