Daugava Stadium (Riga)

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Daugava Stadium
Grīziņkalns, Latgale Suburb, Riga, Latvia - panoramio.jpg
LocationRiga, Latvia
Opened1927 (1927)
Latvia national football team (1927-2000; 2018-present)

Coordinates: 56°57′18″N 24°09′32″E / 56.9549973°N 24.158839°E / 56.9549973; 24.158839 Daugava National Stadium (Latvian: Daugavas stadions) is a multifunctional stadium in Riga, Latvia, which was opened in 1958. It holds football and athletics competitions. Since 1992 Daugava stadium has a Latvian national sports-based status.


Before July 1990 the total capacity of the stadium was more than 10,000 people, but after the demolition of a tribune it is only 5,683[1]. Latvian national football team was playing its home games at the Daugava stadium until 2000, when Skonto Stadium was built. Near the stadium the Ice Arena is located, as well as two exercise premises football, tennis, athletics manege and the Latvian Football Federation headquarters. Daugava Stadium has repeatedly hosted Latvian Song and Dance Festival.

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the independence of Latvia, on October 19, 2008, a new Guinness World Record was set at the venue for the most people running 100 metres in a 24-hour relay. There were 3,807 participants.[2]


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