Daughter of Regals

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Daughter of Regals
Daughter of regals.gif
Cover of the first edition
AuthorStephen R. Donaldson
IllustratorDavid Cherry
CountryUnited States
PublisherDonald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc.
Publication date
Media typePrint (Hardback)
Pages124 pp

Daughter of Regals is a fantasy novella by Stephen R. Donaldson. It tells of a young woman called Chrysalis, the nominal ruler of three kingdoms who is about to come of age. To claim her throne, Chrysalis must exhibit the magical abilities of her ancestors the Regals - who combined the attributes of human men and mythical creatures - or else her dominions will collapse into civil war. While the kings of the individual kingdoms plot against her, Chrysalis struggles to release the magic inherent within her and claim her inheritance.

It was published in a stand-alone volume in 1984 by Donald M. Grant, Publisher, Inc. in an edition of 1,075 copies. All copies were signed by the author and artist. The novella first appeared in Donaldson's collection Daughter of Regals and Other Tales published earlier in 1984.