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Live album by Junoon
Released March 29, 2002
Recorded 1998-2002
Genre Sufi rock, Classical rock, Psychedelic rock
Length 71:33
Label EMI, Sadaf Stereo
Producer John Alec, Salman Ahmad
Junoon chronology
Junoon for Peace
(2001)Junoon for Peace2001

Daur-e-Junoon (Urdu: دورے جنون‎, literal English translation: "the era of junoon") is the second live album and overall the twelfth album released by the Pakistan rock band, Junoon. The album was released on March 29, 2002.

The album consists of all the major live performances by the band and contains a new version of the 90's hit, "Jazba-e-Junoon" and also the soundtrack, "Garaj Baras", of the bollywood movie Paap from their forthcoming album "Dewaar" by then.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Garaj Baras [Soundtrack of the movie, "Paap"]" 4:48
2. "Mera Mahi (Live at House of Blues)" 4:58
3. "Dosti (Live at Roskilde Festival, Denmark)" 7:24
4. "Khudi (Live at Central Park, New York)" 4:00
5. "Pyar Bina (Live at United Nations)" 4:11
6. "Lal Meri Pat (Live at Manhattan, New York)" 6:51
7. "Sayonee (Live at Central Park, New York)" 5:35
8. "Dharti Keh Khuda (Live at United Nations)" 4:05
9. "Saeein (Live at Roskilde Festival, Denmark)" 9:30
10. "Heeray (Live at Central Park, New York)" 6:12
11. "Piya (Ocean of Love) (Live at Oslo Spektrum, Norway, feat. a-ha)" 6:22
12. "Pyar Hai Zindagi (feat. a-ha)" 3:56
13. "Jazba-e-Junoon (Remix)" 3:38


All information is taken from the CD.

Additional musicians
  • Produced by Brian O'Connell
  • Engineered & Mixed by Brian O'Connell and John Alec
  • Tracks recorded at the Roskilde Festival, produced by Neils Ekner
  • Tracks recorded at the Roskilde Festival, recorded & mixed by Ossian Rhyner

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