Davant, Louisiana

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Localización de Davant en la Parroquia de Plaquemines.

Davant is an unincorporated community located in the delta of the Mississippi River [1] in the parish of Plaquemines, Louisiana, United States.


A resident of Davant standing in front of his grandparents house which had floated off their property. The writings "Do not destroy" in front of his house was to let local government clean up crews know the house was going to be moved and restored.

Davant's location is at 29°36′30″N 89°50′54″W / 29.60833°N 89.84833°W / 29.60833; -89.84833, located in the delta of the Mississippi River[citation needed], a sector where abuntan the swamps[citation needed]. This town stands at approximately 3 feet (0.91 m) above sea level.[2] Davant had some levees that protected the town from flooding, but were destroyed due to Hurricane Katrina.[3][citation needed]

Hurricane Katrina[edit]

The city was inundated by the water at the time of the hurricane, in 2005.[3][citation needed]

However, it was recently announced that it will receive $US 5,900,000 to rebuild, with new 15,000-square-foot (1,400 m2) homes in Davant.[4][citation needed]


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Coordinates: 29°36′30″N 89°50′54″W / 29.60833°N 89.84833°W / 29.60833; -89.84833