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David "Dave" Anderson is a Scottish actor, playwright and jazz musician based in Glasgow.[1][2]

He is known for the part of Gregory's father in Gregory's Girl and as the bank manager in the BBC Scotland sitcom City Lights (1991).[3] Other appearances include roles in several early Doctor Who serials, The Avengers (in the episode "Build a Better Mousetrap") (1964),[4] The Omega Factor (1979), Murder Not Proven? (1984), Soldier Soldier (1996), and Rockface (2002). He also appeared in Taggart in 1986, 1993, 2000, and 2004 and the Scottish comedy Still Game in 2009. He also played the part of a bus tour company manager in the 1985 film Restless Natives. "I expect flawless reports about you courier. Flawless!!"

Born in the late 1940s, Anderson was raised in the town of Rutherglen, and drew on childhood experiences for his 2017 play Butterfly Kiss.[5] In the course of his theatre career, he was a member of the politically-minded 7:84 group and a founder of the Wildcat Productions company along with David MacLennan, [6][7][8] and was the musical director of Tony Roper's play The Steamie.


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