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Dave Oberlé (born 9 January 1953 in Farnborough, Kent, England) is percussionist and lead vocalist with the 1970s band Gryphon.[1][2] After the band split up in 1977, Oberlé went on to help launch the heavy rock magazine Kerrang!. He now spends his time with the newly re-formed Gryphon who have just completed a new album entitled "ReInvention" and will be touring during 2018/9 and he is also a Director of Small Blue, a computer software company.

In 2014 it was also announced that Oberlé would make a return to progressive rock as one of the guest vocalists on A Forest of Fey by UK outfit Gandalf's Fist.[3]

In 2016 Gandalf's Fist announced that Oberlé would contribute to their next album The Clockwork Fable.[4]


With Gryphon[edit]

With Gandalf's Fist[edit]

  • A Forest Of Fey (2014)[3][5]
  • The Clockwork Fable (2016)[4]


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