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Dave Oberlé (born 9 January 1953 in Farnborough, Kent, England) was percussionist and lead vocalist with the 1970s band Gryphon.[1][2] After the band split in 1977, Oberlé went on to help launch the heavy rock magazine Kerrang!. He now spends his time in the production of heavy rock bands via his label Communique Records and also runs Small Blue, a computer software company.

In 2014 it was also announced that Dave would make a return to Progressive Rock as one of the Guest Vocalists on A Forest of Fey by UK outfit Gandalf's Fist.[3]

In 2016 Gandalf's Fist announced that Dave will contribute to their next Album The Clockwork Fable.[4]


With Gryphon[edit]

With Gandalf's Fist[edit]

  • A Forest Of Fey (2014)[3][5]
  • The Clockwork Fable (2016)[4]


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