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David Baboulene
David "Windy" Baboulene.jpg
Born U.K.
Occupation Story Consultant, Author, Scriptwriter, Narrative Theorist
Genre Story, Humour, Travel

David Baboulene, is an English story consultant, scriptwriter, author of humorous travel books, Children's Illustrated stories and academic works on story theory.


David Baboulene was born in Kenley, London, England. He was educated at Oxted County School but dropped out at the age of 16 to undertake an apprenticeship in the British Merchant Navy. His experiences from his work on cargo ships are documented in his books 'Ocean Boulevard' [1] and 'Jumping Ships',[2] which recount his adventures around the world.

Baboulene's first book, 'The Blue Road',[3] was published by Summersdale Publishers in 2002,[4] and relaunched in 2007 with the new title Ocean Boulevard.

In 2003, Baboulene won the Euroscript Film Story competition[5] - a Europe-wide competition sponsored by the European Film Commission - for his first novel 'Mere Mortals'. The first prize was to work with a professional scriptwriter to develop the story into a full screenplay. Since that success, Baboulene has had four movie deals - two in Hollywood and two in the UK.[citation needed]

David's first children's book 'Kepple the Kite' [6] was published in 2008, his second Oopsie - I forgot!' [7] was published in February 2013. These children's books are illustrated by Kelly Chapman and published by DreamEngine Media Group.[8]

Baboulene has also written two practical academic works on Story Theory — 'The Story Book'— (published in November 2010),[9]

and 'Story Theory' - (2014),[10]

Baboulene delivers seminars on story principles for training and script development organisations. He also works as a story consultant for film, theatre, publishing and business organisations.[11]

He appeared on BBC Radio 4 "Excess Baggage"[12] with Sandi Toksvig in July 2009.


Travel Books[edit]

  • Baboulene, David (2009). Jumping Ships (1st ed.). Summersdale Media Group. pp. 320 pp. ISBN 978-1-84024-591-2. 

Children's Books (Illustrated by Kelly Chapman)[edit]


  • Mere Mortals (2004)
  • Clonk and the Birdman (2008)
  • Mayakin (2009)



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