David Crockett (wrestling)

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For the Irish wrestler, see Fit Finlay.
David Crockett
Birth name David Finley Crockett
Born 1946
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) David Crockett
Dave Finley
Debut 1973
Retired 1988

David Finley Crockett (born 1946) is a former professional wrestling announcer and executive from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the son of Jim Crockett and brother to Jim Crockett, Jr. He was usually paired in announcing duties with Tony Schiavone, with Crockett providing color commentary and Schiavone providing play-by-play announcing. From 1985 to 1988, Crockett and Schiavone were the announcing team for NWA World Championship Wrestling. When Jim Ross joined the show in 1988, Crockett stayed on but later left to become an executive producer for World Championship Wrestling television programming. Crockett also worked with Bob Caudle on Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling.[1][2]

David Crockett is remembered for being clotheslined by Nikita Koloff on World Wide Wrestling in 1985 in Asheville, North Carolina. This led to Ric Flair coming to Crockett's aid and gave birth to the first Flair/Koloff feud and their money-making bout at the 1985 Great American Bash, held at the American Legion Memorial Stadium in Charlotte.

Ten years earlier, David Crockett was on board a private airplane that crashed on October 4, 1975 that also had Johnny Valentine, Bob Bruggers, Tim Woods and Flair on board. Crockett was the least injured of the men on board the plane, followed by Woods.[3]

In addition, Crockett had a very brief career as a professional wrestler under the ring name Dave Finley.[4]

Championships and accomplishments[edit]