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David Gosset (born May 23, 1970) is a global affairs analyst, expert in international relations and a Sinologist.


Dec 1 2016, David Gosset invited in Istanbul to discuss the New Silk Road strategy

Gosset was born in Paris and mainly educated in France at the Sorbonne University. He is known in China as 高大伟(pinyin : GAO DAWEI)[1]. Gosset can lecture or write in French, English or Chinese[2].

Research orientation[edit]

As a Sinologist Gosset writes - for example in the Huffington Post - on the Chinese world’s transformation - economic, socio-political, cultural, strategic dynamics -, its impact on 21st century Asia and the global village[3].

Gosset studies the notion of the "Chinese Renaissance"[4]. In his approach of China (中国 - ZHONG GUO) David Gosset insists on the importance of the notion of centrality 中-(ZHONG):"Zhong -- 中, or centrality -- is one of the most ancient and common Chinese characters and, in an analogy which sheds a light on China's global modus operandi, its polysemy in the Chinese historical and cultural context mirrors three important measures of centrality in the field of graph theory"[5].

What Gosset calls the "Xi Jinping's Decade" [6]is an important moment of the "Chinese Renaissance". The Chinese dream, key element of the Xi Jinping's Decade is approached by Gosset in the following terms : "Concept and project, definition and positioning of a nation in a century of change, Xi Jinping's China Dream can be presented as a triptych, the visions of "Modern China," "Global China" and "Civilizational China"[7].


Gosset established in 2001 the Academia Sinica Europaea [8]at CEIBS (China Europe International Business School) and, one year later, he founded the Euro-China Forum[9] the oldest process of its kind. The 9th Euro-China Forum was organized with the UNESCO[10].

In order to study but also support the New Silk Road, Gosset has established in January 2015 the New Silk Road Initiative (NSRI)[11].

In the framework of the New Silk Road Initiative Gosset contributed as a curator and advisor to the major exhibition "From the Ancient to the New Silk Road" at the Presidential Palace of the Italian Republic[12].


Gosset was awarded the "Cross of the Civil Order" in 2005[13] by the then King of Spain, Juan Carlos I, for his work with the Academia Sinica Europaea[14][15], . Gosset also received an honorary distinction by the Republic of Bulgaria for the establishment of the Euro-China Forum.

By a presidential decree on Dec 31 2014 David Gosset was nominated to become Knight of the Legion of Honor (Chevalier de la Legion d'honneur)[16].

In September 2015 Gosset received the Friendship Award from the Tianjin Municipality[17].



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