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David Hare Block- frontal view

The David Hare Block is a part of Kolkata Medical College Hospital. Most of the general surgical wards are situated in this building. It is named after David Hare, founder of Hare School.


The Professor of Surgery at medical college had no separate surgical wards and had a single OT at the MCH building. At the instance of Principal G. Bomford and Surgeon Richard Havelock Charles, the building of a modern surgical hospital was undertaken. In 1910, the Prince of Wales Hospital was opened with 88 beds. The total cost of building the hospital was Rs 10,17,585/- and was so named to commemorate the visit of the Prince of Wales to India. It was formally inaugurated on 22 March, 1911 by H.E. Lady Hardinge. In 1976, the Prince of Wales Hospital was renamed the David Hare Block (to pay tribute to the noted philanthropist and only nonmedical Principal of Medical College, on his bicentennial birth celebration.) and a new floor has been constructed.[1] It now houses the surgery and cardiothoracic surgery departments.


  • Department of General Surgery (most of the wards)
  • Department of Radiodiagnosis
  • Department of Radiotherapy
  • Department of Vascular and Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Office of Superintendent of Medical College Kolkata

David Hare Block (2) This black & white snapshot is that of the original building taken from Ritwik Ghatak's film Meghey Dhaka Tara/The Cloud-Capped Star which was released in 1960. The original name 'Prince of Wales Hospital' is easily discernible from the picture.


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