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David Kent Reynolds, PhD is a writer and the founder of Constructive Living.

He was retained by the World Health Organization (WHO) to teach Constructive Living to professional health workers in China. Dr. Reynolds studied naikan with Yoshimoto Ishin in Japan. Reynolds, an American, currently divides his time between Japan and the United States.

Books by David K. Reynolds[edit]

Most of Dr. Reynolds' books about Constructive Living contain a reference to water in their title.

  • Suicide Inside and Out, 1976
  • Morita Psychotherapy, University of California Press, 1976
  • The Quiet Therapies, University of Hawaii Press, 1980
  • Naikan Psychotherapy, University of Chicago Press, 1983
  • Constructive Living, University of Hawaii Press, 1984
  • Playing Ball on Running Water, Morrow, 1984
  • Living Lessons, Asahi Press, 1984
  • Even in Summer the Ice Doesn’t Melt, Morrow, 1986
  • Water Bears no Scars, Morrow, 1987
  • Flowing Bridges, Quiet Waters, SUNY Press, 1989
  • Pools of Lodging for the Moon, Morrow, 1989
  • A Thousand Waves, Morrow, 1990
  • Thirsty, Swimming in the Lake, Morrow, 1991
  • Plunging Through the Clouds, SUNY Press, 1993
  • Rainbow Rising from a Stream, Morrow, 1992
  • Reflections on the Tao te Ching, Morrow, 1993
  • A Handbook of Constructive Living, Morrow, 1995; University of Hawaii Press, 2002
  • Light Waves: Fine Tuning the Mind, University of Hawaii Press, 2001

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