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For the American botanist (1903–1995), see David D. Keck.
David Keck
Born DOB unknown
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Occupation Novelist, Teacher
Nationality Canadian
Period 1996-Present
Genre Fantasy
Spouse Kate Brallier

David Keck is a Canadian author, and teacher, who has Masters Degrees in English Literature, History, and Education.[1] He is best known for his novels featuring protagonist Durand Col.[2] His works have received generally positive reviews from critics, yet have not reached the mainstream so far.[3]


David Keck was born in, and grew up in, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.[1] Whilst living in Winnipeg he attended the University of Winnipeg, where he got master's degrees in English Literature, History, and Education.[1] He subsequently moved to the UK to get a master's degree in Creative Writing from the University of Sussex.[1] In 2004 he moved to New York City,[1] America, to marry Kate Brallier[4] (an author herself),[5] and to teach middle school in New York’s Washington Heights.[1]


Keck's novels all recount the adventures of protagonist Durand Col,[2] yet there is currently no series name. The first novel in the series was In the Eye of Heaven,[6] and was published in the UK in 2006,[7] and the US and Canada in 2007,[8][9] by Tor.[2] The novel went through many versions before publication, with fellow Canadian author, Steven Erikson, having a hand in reading and editing the drafts.[10] Keck's writing style has been compared to Erikson, mainly because he likes to go against the grain. He says that he "flinch[es] at an elf who's a dab hand with a longbow. Conventions and clichés: it's all in the smiles and cringes."[3]



Durand Col Series[edit]

  • In the Eye of Heaven (2006)
  • In A Time of Treason (2008)
  • A King in Cobwebs (forthcoming)


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