David Lauser

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David Lauser
David Lauser on July 12, 2008 with Sammy Hagar
Background information
Genres Hard rock, heavy metal
Instruments Drums
Years active 1971–present
Associated acts Sammy Hagar, The Waboritas, Los Tres Gusanos, Icon

David Lauser is a drummer who is most famous for playing with Sammy Hagar.

Sammy Hagar and David Lauser played together in a band called Justice Brothers before Sammy Hagar joined Montrose.

David Lauser later played on various Sammy Hagar solo albums, starting with Standing Hampton, and is now a member of The Waboritas, and has also played with Sammy Hagar in Los Tres Gusanos.

David's first marriage to Jacqueline Cushen in 1982 resulted in having one daughter, Danielle Marie, also known affectionately as "Ella Bean." In 2002, Lauser married his second wife. On January 4, 2015 his wife Liza Cozad-Lauser died from cancer.[1]

David Lauser continues to tour with Sammy Hagar's Wabos, December People (a charitable rock and roll holidays band) and inspiring musicians.


With Justice Brothers[edit]

4 song demo tape

With Sammy Hagar solo[edit]

With Sammy Hagar And The Waboritas[edit]

With Alliance[edit]

  • Alliance - 1991
  • Bond of Union - 1991
  • Missing Piece - 1996
  • Destination Known - 2007
  • Road to Heaven - 2008



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