David Moir (bishop)

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The Right Reverend
David Moir
Bishop of Brechin
Church Scottish Episcopal Church
Diocese Brechin
In office 1840-1847
Predecessor George Gleig
Successor Alexander Forbes
Other posts Coadjutor bishop of Brechin (1837-1840)
Consecration 8 October 1837
by James Walker
Personal details
Died 21 August 1847
Denomination Anglican
Styles of
David Moir, D.D.
Mitre (plain).svg
Reference style The Right Reverend
Spoken style My Lord or Bishop

David Moir, D.D. (died 1847) was an Anglican clergyman who served in the Scottish Episcopal Church as the Bishop of Brechin from 1840 to 1847.[1][2][3]


He was the minister of St Andrew's Church, Brechin when he was elected by the clergy of the Diocese of Brechin to be the Coadjutor Bishop to the aged Diocesan Bishop George Gleig in 1837.[1] He was consecrated to the Episcopate at Edinburgh on 8 October 1837 by bishops Walker, Skinner and Low.[1][2][3] In August 1839, he was conferred a Doctorate of Divinity by Washington College (now Trinity College), Hartford, Connecticut "as a token of friendly recognition and intercommunion between the Scottish Episcopal Church, and her daughter Church in America."[1] On the death of Bishop Gleig on 9 March 1840, he succeeded as the Diocesan Bishop of Brechin.[1][2][3]

He died in office on 21 August 1847.[1][2][3]


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Scottish Episcopal Church titles
Preceded by
George Gleig
Bishop of Brechin
Succeeded by
Alexander Forbes