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David Nelson Beach (November 30, 1848-October 18, 1926) was an American theologian, born at South Orange, N. J., and a brother of Harlan Page Beach.

David Beach graduated from Yale College in 1872 and from the Yale Divinity School in 1876. In the same year he was ordained a Congregational minister and became pastor at Westerly, R. I. He subsequently served in pastorates at Wakefield, Mass., Cambridge, Mass., Minneapolis, and Denver. From 1903-1921, he was President and Professor of Sacred Rhetoric at Bangor Theological Seminary in Bangor, Maine. He took a prominent part in civic and social movements and during his residence at Cambridge was prominent in ridding that city of saloons. He advocated the adoption of a modified Norwegian liquor system in Massachusetts, and became known as an enthusiastic worker for church unity and a better theology.

Beach's published writings include:

  • Plain Words on Our Lord's Work (1886)
  • The Newer Religious Thinking (1893)
  • The Intent of Jesus (1896)
  • Statement of Belief (1897)
  • The Annie Laurie Mine (1903)
  • Meanings of the Battle of Bennington (1903)

Beach retired from the Bangor seminary to Southington, Connecticut, where he died in 1926.

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