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Davison Community Schools
Davison, Michigan
United States
Coordinates 43°01′52″N 83°31′01″W / 43.03111°N 83.51694°W / 43.03111; -83.51694Coordinates: 43°01′52″N 83°31′01″W / 43.03111°N 83.51694°W / 43.03111; -83.51694
District information
Type public
Motto Where Futures Begin
Grades Pre-K through 12
Established 1907 (1907)
Superintendent Eric Lieske
Asst. Superintendent(s) Kevin Brown
  • Davison High
  • Davison Alternative
  • Davison Middle School
  • Hahn Intermediate
  • Central Elementary
  • Gates Elementary
  • Hill Elementary
  • Siple Elementary
  • Thomson Elementary
Students and staff
Students 5,484[1]
Teachers 256[1]
Athletic conference Saginaw Valley League
District mascot The Cardinal
Colors      Maroon
Other information
Website davisonschools.org

Davison Community Schools is a public school district located in Genesee County, MI. The district is nationally accredited through AdvancED. In addition, Davison Community Schools serves grades PK-12 among nine buildings and is a part of the Genesee Intermediate School District as well as Saginaw Valley League for athletics.

Board of Education[edit]

The Davison Community Schools' Board of Education consists of seven members that serve four-year terms. Elections for these positions are held each May and no more than two positions are open at one time. The board is responsible for handling a budget worth close to $45,000,000, 700 full-time & part-time employees, as well as planning and programming curriculum for its 5,500 students.[2]

Board of Education members[edit]

Position Name Term[3]
President Kathleen Sudia 2015–2020
Vice-President Dale Green 2007–2011
Secretary Karen Conover 2008–2012
Treasurer Kim Lindsay 2008–2012
Trustee Larry Finkbeiner 2007–2011
Trustee Mark McGlashen 2015–2020
Trustee Andrew Hall 2015–2020

Davison High School[edit]

Davison High School

Davison High School is home to the district's 9th though 12th grade students. The school has been recognized both statewide[4] and nationally[5] for its DECA and DTV broadcasting program. The high school offers many clubs and programs that include National Honor Society, Student Council, Business Professionals of America, Key Club, Common Ground, SADD, Drama, and many more.[6] The average ACT score is 21.3[7]

The school's mission statement is: It is the mission of Davison High School to effectively educate every student by creating a student centered institution that has a reputation for exemplary academics, exhibits shared core values, promotes cultural diversity, and provides equal access to technology as it cultivates life skills that transcend all areas of a student’s life.[6]

Staff members[edit]

Name Position
Sue Kenkel Principal
Julie Malenich Assistant Principal
Jerry Piger Assistant Principal
Dave Beamer Athletic Director
Debbie Alderson Secretary to the Principal
Ann Brand Secretary to Sue Kenkel
Debbie Alderson Secretary to Jerry Piger
Cheri Steinkraus Attendance Secretary

Davison Alternative High School[edit]

Davison Alternative High School

Davison Alternative High School serves students who are at risk of not graduating from a normal high school. The program at DAE runs on trimesters as opposed to four periods allowing students to regain credits that they may have lost not completing courses in a regular program.[8]

The building that houses 150 students was renovated during the summer of 2009 which added windows and updated technology throughout the building. The renovation cost the district $1.42 million.[9]

Staff members[edit]

Name Position
Christopher Wilson Principal
Tammi Brandes Secretary to Principal
Rebecca Singelis Secretary

Davison Middle School[edit]

Davison Middle School

Davison Middle School or DMS is Davison Community Schools' home to seventh and eighth graders. The school offers programs such as band, orchestra, choir, theater, athletics, and many other clubs.[10]

The school was renovated in 2004 adding additional classrooms to the west side of the building and updating technology throughout the building.[11]

Hahn Intermediate[edit]

Hahn Intermediate

Hahn Intermediate is the district's newest building. Completed in 1998 the building now houses all of the district's fifth and sixth grade students. Students are able to start taking music classes while in fifth grade and are also able to participate in physical education and art courses.[12]

The school's gymnasium is used every year for the Davison Expo which showcases the best of Davison businesses and activities.[13]

Staff members[edit]

Name Position
Holly Halabicky Principal
Verle Gilbert Assistant Principal
Janice LaLonde Secretary to Principal

Central Elementary[edit]

Central Elementary

Central Elementary is the district's oldest building having once served as the district's high school. Today the building houses some of the district's first and fourth graders. The building also houses the district's school nurse, psychologist, social worker, and therapist.[14] The school received a multimillion-dollar renovation completed in April 2015, thanks to an $11.9M bond.[15]

Staff members[edit]

Name Position
Lance Harper[16] Principal
Anne McDonald Secretary to Principal
Michelle Wright Secretary

Gates Elementary[edit]

Gates Elementary

Gates Elementary houses first through fourth graders for students living in the southern part of the district.[17]

Staff members[edit]

Name Position
Theresa Wendt Principal
Kellynn Bruns Secretary to Principal
Shari Fredwall Secretary

Hill Elementary[edit]

Hill Elementary

Hill Elementary is a kindergarten through fourth grade school located near the center of the city. It also used to be the only school in the district that operates on an eleven-month schedule (year around) with breaks scattered throughout the year. Now however all of the schools run on a year round schedule.[18]

Staff members[edit]

Name Position
Jennifer Torok[19] Principal
Ranee Ratliff Secretary to Principal
Crystal Quaderer Secretary

Siple Elementary[edit]

Siple Elementary

Siple Elementary sits on the northern boundary of Davison Community Schools and serves grades first through fourth.[20]

The school is known throughout the district for its Super Science Day which is held annually. The program introduces elementary students to some of the basic elementary elements of science.[21]

Staff members[edit]

Name Position
Christy Flowers Principal
Anne McDonald Secretary to Principal
Rhonda Miller Secretary

Thomson Elementary[edit]


Thomson Elementary is the only building in the district to offer both kindergarten and junior first grade.[22]

Students at the school have been recipients for several years of free bike helmets that are given away in an effort to promote bicycle safety.[23]

Staff members[edit]

Name Position
Natalie Miller Principal
Anna Wojciechowski Secretary to Principal


Davison Community Schools is a member of the Saginaw Valley League and the Michigan High School Athletic Association.[24]

Athletic staff[edit]

Name Position
Dave Beamer Athletic Director
Karie Bruce Secretary
Richard MacLachlan Middle School Athletic Coordinator
Debbie Green Secretary


DTV Control Room
DTV Student

DTV is Davison Community Schools' Education station that is located inside of Davison High School. DTV is run by the students of the DTV class offered at Davison High School, it is supervised by Randy Scott.[25] The channel is aired locally on Charter Communications' channel 99 and has recently started streaming programs on MHSAA.tv.[26]

DTV has been recognized many times by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters,[27] Michigan Interscholastic Press Association,[28] and the National Scholastic Press Association.[29]

In January 2010 DTV released its special news production A Rx for Trouble.[30] The program highlighted the dangers of prescription drug abuse in conjunction with the district's prescription drug task force.[31] The video has been used at schools across the state of Michigan to highlight the dangers of prescription drug abuse as it tells the true story of how one student who experimented with prescription drugs was expelled from the district for experimenting just one time.[32]


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