Davy Henderson

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Davy Henderson
Birth name David Henderson
Born c.1962
Origin Edinburgh, Scotland
Genres Post-punk, pop, indie rock
Instruments Guitar
Years active Late 1970s–present
Labels Pop:Aural, Postcard, Creeping Bent
Associated acts The Dirty Reds
The Fire Engines
The Nectarine No. 9
The Sexual Objects

David Alexander "Davy" Henderson (born c.1962) is a Scottish singer and guitarist whose career began in the 1970s. He is best known for his work with The Fire Engines, Win, The Nectarine No. 9, and more recently The Sexual Objects.


Henderson was a member of The Dirty Reds in the late 1970s, and formed The Fire Engines in 1979.[1] The band released an album and three singles before splitting up at the end of 1981.[1] Henderson then formed Heartbeat with Hillary Morrison, and in the mid-1980s reunited with Fire Engines drummer Russell Burn in Win, whose profile was raised by "You've Got the Power" featuring in a McEwan's lager television advertisement, and they charted in the UK with the single "Super Popoid Groove" and album Uh! Tears Baby (a Trash Icon) in 1987.[1][2] After a second album in 1989, Win split up.[1] Henderson worked with Burn again on A Dali Surprise, an album by Burn's Pie Finger project, before forming The Nectarine No. 9, the band releasing eight albums between 1992 and 2004.[3] In 2004 The Fire Engines reunited for a few live shows. Henderson went on to form The Sexual Objects.[3]


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