Dax Riders

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Dax Riders
Origin Paris, France
Genres Techno, synth-funk
Years active 1994–present
Website www.daxriders.com
Members Oliver "Daxman" Dax
Cédric "Bad Ced" Azencoth
Nicolas "Erman" Berger Vachon

Dax Riders is a French techno/synth-funk band founded in 1994 by Oliver Dax (also known as "Daxman") and Cédric Azencoth ("Bad Ced"). In 1998, the duo became a trio, when Nicolas Berger Vachon ("Erman") joined them after a successful joint concert tour as the lead singer and keyboardist. Dax Riders are considered a part of the French house movement.


  • Faster than a Dax (EP, 1994)
  • Insert Coins (EP, 1995)
  • Dax (1998)
  • Back in Town (2001)
  • Hot (2005)
  • Dax 4 Ever (2011)


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