River Đáy

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Hát Giang, sông Gián Khẩu
Day River through Ninh Phúc Port
Country Vietnam
Region Hà Nội, Hòa Bình, Hà Nam, Ninh Bình and Nam Định
Basin features
Main source Geladaindong Peak, Tanggula Mountains, Qinghai (Đan Phượng)
5,042 m (16,542 ft)
River mouth Đáy Mouth, Kim Sơn
0 m (0 ft)
Physical characteristics
Length 240 km (150 mi)

The Day River (Vietnamese: Sông Đáy) is a river in Vietnam. It was formerly known as Sông Hát or Hát Giang. The river is a distributary of the Red River, draining into the Gulf of Tonkin.

The river has a length of 240 km[1] and has a drainage basin of more than 7,500 km²,[2] flowing through Hanoi, and the provinces of Hòa Bình, Hà Nam, Ninh Bình and Nam Định.


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