Day of Missile Forces and Artillery

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Day of Missile Forces and Artillery
Date 19 November
Next time 19 November 2017 (2017-11-19)
Frequency annual
Missile forces and artillery arm sign
USSR postage stamp: Artillery is the god of the war! (Russian: Артиллерия — бог войны!)

Day of Missile Forces and Artillery (Russian: День ракетных войск и артиллерии) is a holiday celebrated in Russia and Belarus[1] on 19 November.


The holiday was first established by a Presidium of Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union decree on 21 October 1944 as Artillery day of Red Army (Russian: День артиллерии Красной Армии).[2] The date was chosen because the Red Army began their successful counter-attack (Operation Uranus) in the battle of Stalingrad on 19 November 1942, with much help from the artillery of the Red Army.

Since 1964, the holiday bears its present name.[3]

In modern Russia, the holiday has the status of memorable day.[4]