Days of the New: Live Bootleg

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Days of the New: Live Bootleg
Days of the New Live Bootleg.jpg
Live album by Days of the New
Released 2004
Genre Post-grunge
Acoustic rock
World music
Label Independent Record Label
Producer Travis Meeks

Days of the New: Live Bootleg is a live album by acoustic rock/world music band Days of the New.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Words
  2. Freak
  3. How Do You Know You?
  4. Shelf in the Room
  5. I Think
  6. Orch of the Medium*
  7. Empty Pocket*
  8. The Down Town
  9. Solitude
  10. Dirty Road
  11. Enemy
  12. Touch, Peel and Stand
  • (* Previously unreleased tracks)