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Dday One
Dday One 2 1.jpg
Background information
Birth name Udeze Ukwuoma
Also known as Dday One
Origin Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Genres Instrumental Hip Hop
Electroacoustic music
Hip Hop
Occupation(s) Producer
Record Label Owner
Instruments Sampler
Drum machine
Years active 1996–present
Labels P-Vine
Project Mooncircle
Content Label
Website Official Site

Dday One (born Udeze Ukwuoma) is an American music producer, DJ and songwriter, from Los Angeles, California.[1][2] He is known for his instrumental sample-based productions which incorporate the extensive use of Break-Beats and organic sounds with emotional elements.[3][4] Using the Sampler as his sole instrument and mainly drawing from nature, Free Jazz and World Music, his compositional process is rooted in the lineages of classic Hip Hop production and Electro-Acoustic music.[5][6]

He has released projects on various labels but the bulk of his output has been through Content (L)abel,[7] a label which he founded and functions as artistic director, creating a majority of the cover art photography.[8][9]

Live performances[edit]

Throughout the years, Dday One has performed worldwide, sharing the stage with the likes of Kid Koala, Olive Oil, Yppah, Hisham Bharoocha and many more.[10][11] Distinct from many contemporary electronic performers, Dday One’s performances do not rely heavily on the use of a laptop with performance software. Alternatively, his setup is similar to the classic hip hop studio, consisting of a turntable, mixer, effects module and a hardware sampler. Primarily with the use of the Roland Mv8000 sampler in conjunction with the Korg mini-KP, he mixes various musical styles with elements of his own compositions while improvising and drumming out the percussive parts in real time.

Notable venues[edit]


In addition to production, he is also a contributing Host / DJ for Rhythm Incursions; a Podcast syndicated by London’s Resonance 104.4FM. The podcast consists of themed mixes under the title "In Session".[14][15]



  • Loop Extensions (2005, Content Label / Needlework UK)
  • Heavy Migration (2008, Content Label / P-Vine)
  • Loop Extensions Deluxe (2011, Content Label / P-Vine)
  • Mood Algorithms (2011, Content Label / P-Vine)[16]
  • Dialogue with Life (2014, Content Label / P-Vine)
  • Gathered Between (2016, Content Label / Needlework UK)


  • Dday One / Dextah - Sense Of Balance / Untitled #541 (2006, Content Label)
  • Journal (2009, Content Label)
  • Dday One / Glen Porter - Wavelengths (2010, Content Label)
  • Mr. Cooper / Dday One - Tribute To The Q4 (2010, Project Mooncircle)


  • Made From Scratch (mix-tape) (1996)
  • Air Force Crew Meets The Revolvers (w/DJ Blue)(mix-tape) (1999)
  • The Stems Of Hip Hop (mix-tape) (2000)
  • Blend Meditation (2006)
  • These Are My Beats (Mega-Mix) (2006)
  • Blend Meditation 2 (2009)
  • Rhythm Incursions Podcast (In Session with Dday One) (2010)

Appears on[edit]

  • The Offbeaters - The Promotion-Assault (2003, Subversiv*rec)
  • Various - Offbeats 2.0 (2005, Subversiv*rec)
  • Various - Tropiczone Swap (2006,Twentyfour:Seven Records )
  • Various - The Heart On The Right Spot (2007, Project Mooncircle )
  • Various - Signal Path (2007,Content Label )
  • Various - In The First Place, Does Digital Harinezumi Dream (2009, Power Shovel Audio )
  • Various - Project Mooncircle 10TH ANNIVERSARY COMPILATION (2012, Project Mooncircle)
  • 2econd Class Citizen – Outside Your Doorway EP (2012, Equinox Records)


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