De Witte (restaurant)

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De Witte
Restaurant information
Established 1922
Rating 1 Michelin star Michelin Guide
Street address Utrechtseweg 2
City Amersfoort
Country Netherlands

De Witte is a former restaurant located in Amersfoort in the Netherlands. It was a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one Michelin stars in the period 1960-1981.[1][2][3][4][5]

The hotel-café-restaurant was established in a villa in 1922. Originally, it was named "Ter Horst". In 1925, after being sold to C.J.G. Hastrich, it was renamed to "De Witte". In 1956 the villa was replaced by a purpose-built building, but father Hastrich was not there anymore, having died in 1955 just before the rebuilding. Son Ernst Hastrich took over.[6][7]

Owner in the Michelin era was Ernst Hastrich, founder and chairperson of the Alliance Gastronomique Neerlandaise.

After closure of the hotel and restaurant in 1988, it was changed into a Chinese-Indonesian restaurant called Boeddha. Restaurant De Wok, successor of restaurant Boeddha, was closed down by the local government in March 2006 due to fire and safety issues.[8] The 1956 building was knocked down in 2006 and was to be replaced by a bank building.[9][10][11] Bankruptcy of the Van Hoogevest Groep prevented that and the property was left undeveloped. In 2010 there was again an initiative to build, this time for an office building.[12]

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