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Alliance Gastronomique Néerlandaise (popular: Alliance Gastronomique) is a culinary association of quality restaurants in the Netherlands and Flanders.

The partnership was established in 1967 as a response to the spreading taste flattening, lack of culinary products and inadequate training of chefs and other restaurant staff. By that time the Netherlands were not known for their culinary tradition, so the partnership of the 19 founding restaurateurs was a break with the past.[1]

At that time the "Alliance Gastronomique" stated the promotion of the culinary culture in the Netherlands as het mission.[2]

Alliance Gastronomique is by now the oldest culinary partnership in Europe. The status it has earned, makes that the name alone now serves as quality seal.[1]

Founding Members[edit]

Members of Alliance Gastronomique Néerlandaise in 1967[2]

  1. De Witte, Amersfoort. Head chef: Ernst Hastrich
  2. De Boerderij, Amsterdam. Head chef: Herman Wunneberg
  3. Dikker & Thijs, Amsterdam. Head chef: H.J. van der Vecht
  4. De Echoput, Apeldoorn. Head chef: Jaap Klosse
  5. Chalet Royal, 's-Hertogenbosch. Head chef: C.A.M. van Gaalen
  6. Carelshaven, Delden. Head chef: J.E. Kluvers
  7. De Zwaan, Etten-Leur. Head chef: Ad Peijnenburg
  8. Oudt Leyden, Leiden. Head chef: S.M. Borgerding
  9. Château Neercanne, Maastricht. Head chef: H.P.J. Stassen
  10. De Beukenhof, Oegstgeest. Head chef: not known
  11. Het Oude Jachthuis, Pesse. Head chef: A.H. van Doesburg
  12. 't Koetshuis, Rhenen. Head chef: Marianne Frisch
  13. Old Dutch, Rotterdam. Representative: M.W. Mannes
  14. De Witte Holevoet, Scherpenzeel. Head chef: J.C.M. Hehenkamp
  15. Prinses Juliana, Valkenburg aan de Geul. Head chef: A. Stevens
  16. De Nederlanden, Vreeland. Head chef: O.E.K. Hartung
  17. De Kieviet, Wassenaar. Head chef: Luigi Gandini
  18. Hostellerie De Hamert, Wellerlooi. Head chef: Jan. H.J. Grothausen
  19. Het Poorthuys, Zierikzee. Head chef: W.E.L. te Mey

Cas Spijkers, head chef De Swaen, often mentioned as one of the founders, is not mentioned in contemporary sources as founder.[2][3]

Present member restaurants[edit]

(all restaurants in the Netherlands, unless stated otherwise)[4]

Former member restaurants[edit]

(Incomplete list, feel free to add)

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