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Deacom, Inc.
Industry Enterprise Resource Planning
Founded 1995
Headquarters Wayne, Pennsylvania; Centennial, CO
Key people
Jay Deakins (Founder, President)
Number of employees
75 (2015)
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Deacom, Inc. produces an ERP software (DEACOM) for mid-to-large sized batch process manufacturing companies.


In 1995, Jay T. Deakins, founder and President,[1] formed Deacom in his mother-in-law's basement.[3] In 1999, Deacom relocated to the West Valley Business Center in Wayne, Pennsylvania.[citation needed] In 2007 Deacom tripled its office space to accommodate new and anticipated sales and technical staff, which numbered 14 in 2007, up from 7 in 2005.[3] As of 2015, the staff had grown to 75 and opened a new headquarters in Chesterbrook, Pa.[4]

Business model[edit]

Deacom was founded in order to fill a gap in the ERP marketplace. ERP systems have traditionally been built using a base accounting package and numerous other bolt-on software systems in order to fulfill a manufacturer's typical functionality needs, with system customizations to accommodate unique functionality requirements. This traditional model tends to be inherently more complex, and more difficult to upgrade due to all of the different pieces of software and numerous system customizations. Because of this, these traditional systems are less likely to evolve over time, which can be a hindrance to growing manufacturing businesses. Deacom founder Jay Deakins designed DEACOM ERP to eliminate the unnecessary complexity of the traditional model. DEACOM was built as a true single system, with all the business logic written in one code set. All of the functionality required by their batch and process based manufacturing customers is built into one system, with customer-requested system enhancements made available to all Deacom customers at no additional cost, rather than costly individual system customizations. Because of this flexible model, DEACOM is more easily adaptable to changing customers needs, and simpler for customers to use and maintain. Additionally, Deacom offers a guaranteed fixed price implementation that ensures a predictable total cost of ownership. Customers know exactly what the cost of the system will be up front. There is no fine print, or hidden costs. Deacom's customer base consists primarily of process manufacturers.[3] Deacom's competitor's include SAP AG, Oracle Corporation and Microsoft.[3]


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  • "2012 Enterprise Product of the Year" - Best in Biz[16]
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  • "2012 Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100" - Supply & Demand Chain Executive[18]
  • "2012 Support Team of the Year" - American business Awards[19]


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