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Dear Deidre is the British newspaper The Sun's long running agony aunt column written by Deidre Sanders.[1]

June Deidre Sanders (born 9 June 1945),[2] a graduate of Sheffield University,[1] has been responsible for the feature which bears her name since November 1980.[3] Each day there are four or five dilemmas sent in anonymously by readers, which are published and answered by Deidre. There is also a week-long series of photos that picture a particular problem, with Deidre giving advice at the end. In addition, several different premium rate advice lines are published, giving recorded messages on problems that readers may have.[citation needed] Anybody that has a problem can email Deidre and they will receive a personal reply.[citation needed]

Recurring themes include erection and orgasm problems, incest, having or imagining threesomes, problems with parents, loneliness, addiction to prostitutes, and sex in strange places.[citation needed] Many of the predicaments featured are fairly improbable, and it is the opinion of some that they are more than likely fabrications.[4]

During a piece of news, Deidre will sometimes give humorous advice to a celebrity who is having personal problems.[citation needed] One example of this was after José Mourinho called Arsène Wenger a voyeur, and there was a casebook featuring Arsène peeking into Chelsea's training ground, and a letter from him, written in the type of French seen in 'Allo 'Allo!.[citation needed]