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Death Test 2 is a 1980 fantasy role-playing game adventure for The Fantasy Trip, published by Metagaming Concepts.

Plot summary[edit]

Death Test 2 is a labyrinth adventure in which survivors get to enlist in the army, rank depending on how many enemies the applicants defeat.[1]

Death Test 2 is a solo scenario in which Thorz's court wizard has created a deadly new labyrinth beneath the palace. It is usable with The Fantasy Trip, or with both Melee and Wizard.[2]

Publication history[edit]

Death Test 2 was written by Steve Jackson, and was published by Metagaming Concepts in 1980 as a digest-sized box with a 48-page book and counters.[2]

Death Test 2 (1980) was the second MicroQuest and was published soon after the rules for The Fantasy Trip were published; the adventure would end up being Steve Jackson's last publication for his original role-playing game.[3]:80


Ronald Pehr reviewed Death Test 2 in The Space Gamer No. 33.[1] Pehr commented that "The problems are minor [...] compared to the hours of enjoyment Death Test 2 can provide. If you like TFT, you'll like Death Test 2."[1]


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