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Dee may refer to:



  • Dee, an alternate spelling of the Welsh surname Day
  • Dee, a romanization of several Chinese surnames, including:
    • Those listed at Di (surname)
    • Some Hokkien pronunciations of the surname Li ()
  • Di Renjie (630–700), Duke Wenhui of Liang, a Tang dynasty official
  • Arthur Dee (1579–1651), a physician and alchemist
  • Billy Dee, retired African American adult film actor
  • Bob Dee (1933–1979), American football defensive end
  • Daisy Dee (born 1970), Dutch singer, actress and TV host
  • Dave Dee (1943–2009), English singer-songwriter, musician, A&R manager, fundraiser and businessman
  • Ed Dee (born 1940), American author
  • Frances Dee (1909–2004), American actress
  • Gerry Dee (born 1968), Canadian comedian
  • Jack Dee (born 1961), British comedian
  • Jeff Dee (born 1961), American artist and game designer
  • Joey Dee (born 1940), American singer, of Joey Dee and the Starliters
  • John Dee (1527 – 1608 or 1609), English mathematician and alchemist
  • John Dee (disambiguation) for other people with the name
  • Kiki Dee (born 1947), English singer
  • Kool Moe Dee (born 1962), American hip hop MC
  • Leo Dee (1931-2004), American artist
  • Mike Dee, American sports executive
  • Mike Dee (baseball coach) (born 1958), American college baseball coach
  • Mikkey Dee (born 1963), Swedish drummer with the band Motörhead
  • Papa Dee (born 1966), Swedish rap, ragga and dancehall musician
  • Roger Dee (1914–2004), American author
  • Ruby Dee (1922–2014), African-American actress and activist
  • Sandra Dee (1942–2005), American actress
  • Simon Dee (1935–2009), British television interviewer and radio disc jockey

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