Deena Brush Mapple

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Deena Brush Mapple
Born Deena Brush
Other names Deena Brush, Deena Mapple
Citizenship United States
Occupation Professional Waterskiier
Spouse(s) Andy Mapple

Deena Mapple (born Deena Brush March 2, 1960) is a retired American competitive water skier. She is regarded to be one of the greatest female water skiers of her generation. Her Grand Slam Victory in 1987 - overall wins in the World Championships, U.S. Nationals, U.S. Masters and the Pro Tour - made her one of two athletes to ever accomplish the feat. She remains the only American to earn membership to the United States Waterskiing Team seven consecutive times.[1]


In 1987, Brush married Andy Mapple, who would eventually be a six-time world water skiing champion,[2] and a 14 time Masters Slalom Champion himself. After the marriage, she variously became referred to as Deena Brush Mapple, Deena Brush-Mapple and Deena Mapple.

Tournament results[edit]


  • 1978 Masters Jump Champion
  • 1979 Masters Slalom Champion
  • 1979 Masters Jump Champion
  • 1983 Masters Slalom Champion
  • 1983 Masters Overall Champion
  • 1985 Masters Slalom Champion
  • 1985 Masters Overall Champion
  • 1986 Masters Jump Champion
  • 1986 Masters Overall Champion
  • 1987 Masters Jump Champion
  • 1987 Masters Overall Champion
  • 1988 Masters Jump Champion
  • 1988 Masters Overall Champion
  • 1989 Masters Jump Champion
  • 1990 Masters Jump Champion
  • 1990 Masters Overall Champion
  • 1992 Masters Jump Champion
  • 1992 Masters Overall Champion
  • 1993 Masters Jump Champion
  • 1993 Masters Overall Champion

World championships[edit]

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