Deffest! and Baddest!

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Deffest! and Baddest!
WOW deffest and baddest.jpg
Studio album by Wendy O. Williams
Released 1988
Genre Rap rock
Label Profile Records
Producer Rod Swenson
Wes Beech
Wendy O. Williams chronology
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Deffest! and Baddest!
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Deffest! and Baddest! is the third solo studio album released by Wendy O. Williams and the last album she ever recorded. The album is unique in that it is a departure from the punk rock and heavy metal that brought her to fame. Williams experimented with rock based rap and hip hop on the album. The album was credited to "Wendy O. Williams' Ultrafly and the Hometown Girls" but it is recognized as a solo album (Williams had creative control over the album and performs lead vocals. The "Hometown Girls" refers to the backup singers on the album, Katrina Astrin and La Donna Sullivan).

Track listing[edit]


  1. "Rulers of Rock"
  2. "$10,000,000 Winner"
  3. "Super Jock Guy"
  4. "Early Days"
  5. "The Humpty Song"
  6. "Know Wa'am Say'n?"
  7. "On the Irt"
  8. "Lies"
  9. "La La Land"
  10. "Laffing 'n' Scratching"


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