Delgosha Garden

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A view over the garden
Building inside the garden

Delgosha Garden is one of the historical gardens in Shiraz, Iran near Tomb of Sa’di and it belongs to the pre-Islamic era of the Sassanian Empire.

In Safavid dynasty, Delgosha Garden was one of the most famous gardens in Shiraz. Some of the buildings in this garden were constructed in Qajar dynasty. Most of the trees in this 7.5 hectare garden are citrus such as Orange and sour orange. The main building which has three stories with two entrances in two sides and a porch in the middle floor with a view of pool is a sign of glorious days. The Sa’di’s Tomb Canal is passing through this garden.


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Coordinates: 29°37′11″N 52°34′30″E / 29.6197°N 52.5751°E / 29.6197; 52.5751