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Dell Horoscope
EditorRonnie Grishman
PublisherDell Publishing
Total circulation
CompanyPenny Publications
CountryUnited States
Based inNorwalk, Connecticut

Dell Horoscope is a periodic American magazine published by Penny Publications covering modern astrology, calling itself "the world's leading astrology magazine". Subscriptions are offered in print and digital formats. Print versions are found on newsstands or often in supermarket checkouts. In addition to the monthly periodical, annual yearbooks are published as well.[1][2]

According to its most recent statement of ownership published in the January 2018 issue, paid circulation of the magazine is 22,407 per issue.[3]

The publication has received attention outside of the astrology community in recent years because of a 1979 article by Richard Nolle defining the concept of a supermoon.[4][5][6]

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