Demesvar Delorme

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Demesvar Delorme
List of Education Ministers of Haiti
In office
July 21, 1867 – February 10, 1868
Preceded by Ultimo Lafontant
Succeeded by Numa Rigaud
Foreign Minister of Haiti
In office
July 21, 1867 – May 20, 1868
Preceded by André Germain
Succeeded by Daguesseau Lespinasse
Haitian ambassador to Germany
In office
1891 – 1897
Personal details
Born February 10, 1831
Died December 10, 1901(1901-12-10) (aged 70)

Demesvar Delorme (10 February 1831 - 1901) was a Haitian theoretician, writer, and politician. Born in Cap-Haïtien, Delorme participated in Sylvain Salnave's failed rebellion against President Fabre Geffrard in 1865. After the fall of Geffrard and Salnave's election as President of Haiti in 1867, Delorme was appointed Minister of External Relations and Minister of Public Education and Cults. In 1868, Delorme was forced to leave the country and fled to Paris, France. He lived there in exile for ten years, publishing several works. One of his best known writings was the essay "Les Théoriciens au Pouvoir", which postulated that political power should belong to the intellectual elite.

  • From 1891 till 1897 he was the first resident minister in Berlin with coacredition to the Holy See. In Rome he represented with Jean Joseph Dalbémar the government of Haiti in a case of border Arbitrage under the auspicies of Pope Leo XIII, while the government of Santo Domingo was represented by Justino Faszowicz Baron de Farensbach and Emiliano Tejera (es)[1]

Selected works[edit]

  • "Bulletin de la Révolution" - article, published 1865
  • "La Reconnaissance du Général Salnave" - article, published 1868
  • "La Démocratie et le Préjugé de Couleur aux Etats-Unis" - article
  • "Le Système Monroe" - article, published 1868
  • "Les Théoriciens au Pouvoir" - essay, published 1870
  • Francesca - novel, published 1873
  • "Réflexions Diverses sur Haïti" - essay, published 1873
  • "Les Paisibles" - article, published 1874
  • Le Damné - novel, published 1877


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