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The Republican and Democratic parties are traditionally associated with elephants and donkeys as mascots, respectively. This image of a dinosaur is a parody of the mascot logo style used in the past by both parties, depicting a Sauropod, a type of Dinosaur, to which the acronym 'DINO' is a homophone.

Democrat In Name Only or DINO in acronym form, a disparaging term for a member of the modern-day United States Democratic Party whose words and actions are thought to be too fiscally or socially conservative.[according to whom?] The terms "Fox News liberal", "Fox Democrat," and "Fox News Democrat," have also been used in this context.[1][non-primary source needed]

The term was created as an analogous opposite to the acronym RINO (Republican In Name Only), which refers to more liberal members of the United States Republican Party.

Dixiecrats were conservatives of southern states. Many members of the Dixiecrat party switched to the Republican party or retired from politics. Some, however, remained as the conservative wing of the Democratic party until the late 1990s.[according to whom?]

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