Democratic National Alliance (Bahamas)

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Democratic National Alliance
Abbreviation DNA
Interim Leader Christopher A. Mortimer
Deputy Leader Arinthia S. Komolafe
Chairman Andrew Wilson
Deputy Chairperson Marsha Thompson
Secretary General Vivia Graham-Ferguson
Founded May 12th, 2011
Headquarters East Street South
P.O. Box AP59217 Slot 2008, Nassau, Bahamas
Youth wing Young Democrats
Ideology Economic Liberalism
Fiscal Conservatism
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation None
Colours           Green and White
Slogan "For a Better Life"
House of Assembly
0 / 39
0 / 16
Election symbol

The Democratic National Alliance (abbreviated DNA) is one of the three main political parties in The Bahamas, formed in May 2011. The interim leader of the DNA is Christopher Mortimer, succeeding the party's first leader and original founder Branville McCartney who resigned following the events of the Bahamian general election, 2017. Arinthia Komolafe was elected as the party's deputy leader shortly after Mortimer's appointment.

Senate Appointment[edit]

In December 2016, seven of the ten FNM House Members executed a vote of no confidence in then-Opposition Leader, Hubert Minnis. This was the first time that a no-confidence vote was staged in the Bahamas −either against a Prime Minister or Opposition Leader. After the seven members wrote a letter to the Governor General on the matter, Member of Parliament for Long Island Loretta Butler-Turner was named the new Opposition Leader. [1] Her appointment marked the first time that a woman, a Long Islander, or a person not leading the political party of which they were a member, was charged to be Leader of the Opposition. Subsequent to her appointment, Butler-Turner named then-DNA leader Branville McCartney as Leader of Opposition Business in the Bahamas Senate. This was the first time in which the DNA has been named to the upper chamber, and the first time in which a politician from one party appointed a member of a rival party to lead the Bahamas senate.[2] After months of discussions between opposition parties over coalition formation in advance of the 2017 elections, both Turner and McCartney, in a joint DNA-FNM Press Conference, affirmed that uniting the opposition was the best plan for outdoing the PLP in the impending elections scheduled for 2017. However, McCartney announced his resignation from the Bahamas Senate on March 2nd, 2017, claiming that Loretta Butler-Turner had ony "sown seeds of confusion since assuming her post, bringing no real leadership or focused ideas to the fore". [3]

Electoral results[edit]

Election Votes  % Seats +/– Position Government
2012 13,225 8.48
0 / 38
Decrease 1 Steady 3rd Opposition
2017 7,577 4.72
0 / 39
Steady 0 Steady 3rd Opposition


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