Democratic Union of Alto Adige

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The Democratic Union of Alto Adige (Italian: Unione Democratica dell'Alto Adige) was an Italian-speaking Christian-democratic political party active in South Tyrol, Italy. Its long-time leader was Luigi Cigolla. The party had a counterpart in Trentino, the Autonomist People's Union.

The party emerged in 1993 as a local split from Christian Democracy and garnered 1.7% of the vote in that year's provincial election.

In the 2003 provincial election the party formed an alliance with Democracy is Freedom – The Daisy and the Union of Christian and Centre Democrats named Autonomist Union. The coalition won 3.7% and Cigolla, re-elected to the Provincial Council for the third time in a row,[1] was appointed provincial minister.[2][3][4]

In 2008 the party was merged with the provincial section of Italy of Values,[5] which obtained a mere 1.6% in the provincial election, leaving Cigolla without his seat.