Den blomstertid nu kommer

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"Den blomstertid nu kommer"
English Now the time of blossoming arrives
Occasion end of the school year
Text anon
Language Swedish
Melody by Israel Kolmodin (attributed)
Published 1695 (1695): Swedish Hymnal

Den blomstertid nu kommer (literally: Now the time of blossoming arrives, Suvivirsi in Finnish) is a Swedish summertime hymn, traditionally credited to Israel Kolmodin after walking at Hångers källa outside Visby.[1] The origin of the hymn is, however, debated. It was first published in the 1695 Swedish Hymnal.

In Sweden and Finland the hymn is traditionally sung at the end of the school year, before the summer holidays, and as such it has reached widespread recognition in both Finnish and Swedish culture. It is strongly associated with summer, as well as primary and secondary education.

The number of verses sung in schools varies, but tends not to include all six. Sometimes only the first verse is used, in which the hymn's Christian origins are not apparent.[2]



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