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Temporal range: Santonian-Campanian
Egg fossil classification edit
Basic shell type: Dinosauroid-spherulitic
Oofamily: Dendroolithidae
Oogenus: Dendroolithus
Zhao and Li, 1988
Type oospecies
Dendroolithus wangdianensis
  • D. dendriticus
  • D. fengguangcunensis
  • D. guoqingsiensis
  • D. microporosus
  • D. verrucarius
  • D. wangdianensis
  • D. xichuanensis

Dendroolithus is an oogenus of Dendroolithid dinosaur egg native to China and Mongolia.[1][2] They can be up to 162 mm long and 130 mm wide.[3] These eggs may have been laid by a Therizinosaur, Sauropod, or Ornithopod.[4] The oospecies "D." shangtangensis was originally classified as Dendroolithus, however, it has since been moved to its own distinct oogenus, Similifaveoloolithus.[5]. This oogenus is related with embryos of the theropod Torvosaurus[6]


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