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This article is about the Kaminsky novel. For other novels of the same name, see Denial (disambiguation).

Denial is a mystery novel written by Stuart M. Kaminsky, a Grandmaster of the Mystery Writers of America. It is a Lew Fonesca mystery and was released July 8, 2005.


This novel has two mysteries.

Lew, a process server and an occasional amateur detective, is summoned by an elderly resident in Seaside Assisted Living asking him to prove that a murder has occurred in the facility because no one will believe her. A mother, named Nancy Root, pays him to find the hit-and-run driver who killed her son.

Main characters[edit]

  • Lewis Fonesca - amateur sleuth
  • Ann Horowitz - psychologist and friend of Lew
  • Nancy Root - mother of Kyle McClory
  • Kyle McClory - victim of the hit-and-run driver, John Welles
  • John Wellington Welles - hit-and -run driver who ran over Kyle
  • Dorothy Cgnozic - old woman who says she saw someone murdered in the Seaside Assisted Living
  • Vivian Pastor - the one who was murdered by her daughter-in-law, Alberta Pastor
  • Alberta Pastor - murderer of Vivian Pastor
  • Georgia Cubbins - mother of Alberta who will confess what her daughter did to Vivian
  • Ames McKinney - older friend and guardian of Lewis who helped him in his expedition