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Origin Birmingham, England
Genres Glam rock, indie rock
Years active 1992–1997
Labels Boy's Own
West Midlands Records
Associated acts Felt
Go Kart Mozart
Members Lawrence

Denim was a British indie rock band, the brainchild of Lawrence (formerly of Felt), and was based in Birmingham, England.


Following the end of his former group, 1980s post-punk outfit Felt, Lawrence moved into different territory with Denim, a band whose brash teaming of glam rock with cutting and highly satirical lyrics was very much the opposite of his previous work.[citation needed]

Back in Denim[edit]

Denim debuted in 1992 with the album, Back in Denim, a record which was both a revival (particularly with its glam rock influences and its mix of synth and guitar) and critique (in its satirical lyrics) of the 1970s music scene.[citation needed] A single, "Middle Of The Road", was released from the album in January 1993 on Boy's Own Records.[1]

Denim on Ice[edit]

Denim followed Back in Denim with the 1996 release of Denim on Ice, which was preceded by a single "It Fell Off The Back Of A Lorry". Following the same musical path as its predecessor, whilst added notable reference to bands such as Devo and Ultravox.[citation needed] Denim on Ice featured even more cutting lyrics with comment on the current state of music in England (The Great Pub Rock Revival, which was a stinging attack on Britpop and the realities of England's social malaise (on the tracks "Glue & Smack" and "Council Houses"). The album earned Denim a support slot with Pulp who were fans of Lawrence and his work.[citation needed]

Novelty Rock[edit]

Denim's final release was Novelty Rock, a compilation of B-sides and some new material, which was released early 1997.

Denim Take Over[edit]

Denim Take Over was to be Denim's third studio album. It was shelved due to a lack of commercial success for the band, and when its lead single "Summer Smash", due to be issued in September 1997, was cancelled due to the death of Princess Diana,[2] with EMI feeling any release would be in poor taste. However, some album's tracks were released on a subsequent Lawrence project, the 2005 Go Kart Mozart album Tearing Up The Album Charts, as well as a complete reworking for the next album On the Hot Dog Streets.



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