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Denis Boyles is a journalist, editor, university lecturer and the author/editor of several books of poetry, travel/history, criticism, humor, practical advice and essays, including Design Poetics (1975), The Modern Man's Guide to Life (1986), African Lives (1989), Man Eaters Motel (1991), A Man's Life: The Complete Instructions (1996), The Pocket Professor series (2001) and Vile France (2005), a satirical examination of French elites. For several years he wrote commentary on the European press in a column for National Review Online, and was an occasional guest on radio and television programs. In 2008, he wrote Superior, Nebraska, a book about Midwestern political and social values (Doubleday) and in 2009, he co-wrote a documentary film, Femmes de Soldats, with French journalist Alain Hertoghe. Boyles has recently completed a history of the creation and compilation of the Encyclopædia Britannica's 11th edition (1910) for Knopf. He resides in France, where he taught at The Brouzils Seminars, a graduate and undergraduate writing and creative arts program. In 2009, with philosopher Anthony O'Hear, he launched The Fortnightly Review's "New Series", of which he is currently co-editor (with Prof. Alan Macfarlane), and from 2012-2015, he was a Visiting Fellow in the School of Humanities at the University of Buckingham. In 2015, he joined the faculty of l’Institut Catholique d’Études Supérieures in La Roche sur Yon (I.C.E.S.), where he teaches journalism and political science.


  • Design Poetics (1975)
  • The Modern Man's Guide to Life (1986)
  • African Lives (1989)
  • Man Eaters Motel and Other Stops on the Railway to Nowhere (1991)
  • The Modern Man's Guide to Modern Women (1993)
  • A Man's Life: The Complete Instructions (1996)
  • The Lost Lore of a Man's Life (1997)
  • The Pocket Professor's guides (religion, physics, philosophy, economics) (as series editor) (2001)
  • Vile France (2005)
  • Superior, Nebraska: The Common-Sense Value of America's Heartland (2008)
  • Everything Explained That Is Explainable: On the Creation of the Encyclopædia Britannica's Celebrated Eleventh Edition (2016), ISBN 0307269175

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