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DPS Compound (Department of Public Services compound) is a barangay in the southern part of Baguio, Philippines, at Session Road Extension.

It consists of five puroks. It has a covered court and a thriving day care center that dates back to the 1970s and a business building used by merchandisers and review centers. Originally, the area was a swamp developed into a housing site after the bunkhouses had been burned and abolished during the late 1960s. Near the area, many businesses flourish. These include the Victory Liner (new terminal), Nevada Square. Microtel Inn. It is also within walking distance of Camp John Hay, Nevada Square and SM City Baguio.

Roads that are bounding the area are Utility Road, South Drive(road to Country Club), and Session Road Extension (Road to PMA, John Hay).

Main businesses include a handful of transient (Tuvera Transient House, Dolormente) homes and boarding houses catering to various students of Saint Louis University, University of Baguio, University of the Cordilleras, and University of the Philippines Baguio.

The place is considered to be strategic, considering its proximity to hospitals, markets, schools, businesses, and tourist spots. Lately, the government has started awarding lot titles to residents who have been living in the area since the 1960s.

It is also near many government offices: Baguio Water District, BENECO, CIDG-Baguio, PICE, to name a few.

Barangay DPS Compound


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