Deployments of the French military

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The military of France has several deployments throughout the world. Currently, France has over 20,000 troops deployed abroad (including temporary as well as permanent deployments): 12,000 of these troops act as sovereign forces while the other 8,000 are part of peacekeeping operations under international or defense agreements. Notably deployments in the African continent are French-speaking African nations.


The following is an incomplete list of French deployments.

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Region Place Number
Europe  Kosovo/KFOR 300
Africa  Central African Republic 2,000 [1]
 Chad (Opération Épervier) 950
 Democratic Republic of the Congo/MONUSCO 15
 Ivory Coast/UNOCI 450/10
 Djibouti1 2,470
 Gabon 1,000
 Guinea 150
 Liberia/UNMIL 1
 Mali 2,000[2]
 Senegal 430
 Western Sahara/MINURSO 15
Asia Afghanistan/ISAF[3]2 90[4]
 Lebanon/UNIFIL 1,100
 United Arab Emirates 650
South America  French Guiana 2,200
Indian Ocean  Réunion3 1,900
Pacific Ocean  New Caledonia 1,100
 French Polynesia] 1,130
Caribbean Sea French Antilles 1,350
Total 4 20,323


  • 1 - Including forces (470) dealing with Somali pirates
  • 2 - Most to leave by the end of 2012 [5][6]
  • 3 - Including forces in Mayotte
  • 4 - Including minor troop deployments not listed