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The Sharon Chemical Works- A J Keene, a member of the Derby Sketching Club

The Derby Sketching Club is a members' club now meeting in Littleover, Derby, England. It was founded in 1887, and still meets today, providing members with facilities so they and others can work and share their interest in painting and sketching.[1] Early members included F. Booty, Alfred John Keene, William Swindell, George Thompson, Charles Terry and Frank Timms


In 1887, a group of young men held a meeting at the County hotel in Derby and founded the Derby Sketching Club with the aim of providing a place where they and others could work and share their interest in painting and sketching, a place to share their art. They set an annual fee of two shillings and sixpence. The first exhibition of their work was held in January 1889, at the Athenaeum Rooms.

In 1922, the Derby Ladies Art Group was formed and it was only in 1951, for the Festival of Britain, that the two groups first held a joint Exhibition. They finally merged in 1966.

The art collector Alfred E. Goodey.[2] amassed the work of Derby Sketching Club members, and in the 1940s presented it to Derby Museum and Art Gallery.

Current activities[edit]

There are regular sessions for members- for lifedrawing, and portrait painting and still life. There are guest lectures and exhibitions and members use the website to promote their work.[1]

Other notable members[edit]

Ernest Townsend, R. W. Bardill, Harold Gresley and J. P. Wale.


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