Derek Partridge

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Derek Partridge
Born (1935-06-29) 29 June 1935 (age 88)
Occupation(s)TV spokesman and narrator

Derek Partridge (born 29 June 1935) is a British television presenter, spokesman and voice-over artist, formerly a film and TV actor.

Partridge's father was a diplomat in the British Foreign Service.

In the 1960s, Partridge appeared in a numerous television series and films, including in the 1968 Star Trek episode "Plato's Stepchildren" as Dionyd.[1][2]

In the 1970s Partridge moved to Rhodesia and presented a number of programmes for Rhodesian Television (RTV), including the popular shows Frankly Partridge and The Kwhizz Kids.[3] He also was employed as a news anchor for RBC. During his time in Rhodesia, Partridge also wrote extensively, including publishing the books Thought-Provoking Thoughts About Living and Rhodesia – As It Really Is, which was later republished under altered titles,[4] and a weekly column in Rhodesia's TV Guide.

In the 1980s Partridge appeared in a number of films and television episodes, including a leading role in the 1981 film Savage Harvest.[5][6]

Partridge narrated the documentary Leslie Howard: The Man Who Gave a Damn sixty-five years after the downing of BOAC Flight 777, a passenger plane which was shot down by Luftwaffe patrol killing all aboard including actor Leslie Howard.[7] Partridge was a child at the time, and he and his nanny were removed from Flight 777 to make room for Howard and Howard's travelling companion, who had higher travel priority.[8][9]

In November 2012, Partridge appeared in a music video for the garage band The Mad Caps. The video for the song Baby Man features Partridge as the host of a fictional series entitled "Frame by Frame". He introduces the band and serves as a public service announcer halfway through the video [1].




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