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Derkoi is a musician from Kingston upon Hull, England real name Steve Cawood who is also an award-winning filmmaker & visual effects artist, born in Kingston upon Hull on 18 February 1977.[1]

Steve started playing the guitar after seeing the band Oasis's Live By The Sea concert on TV and decided if they could play guitar so could he. First he started playing left handed but after shopping around for an electric guitar decided to learn right handed as there was more choice.

Over the years Steve wrote & recorded music on a Yamaha MT4X 4-track recorder and mastered onto Minidisc before making the switch to a DAW, Cakewalk Sonar. He recorded his first album on the 4-Track recorder whilst living at the East Riding of Yorkshire seaside town of Withernsea. He called the collection of metal songs "Collective Unconscious" and named himself "Dividend", originally only on cassette tape, he distributed the album around family & friends & later remastered the original Minidisc masters to CD.

Some years later, Steve recorded the title track for a DVD of the football team West Ham United after submitting the music to the production house, he was disappointed to hear that his track had been edited badly by the production house and was made to sound off time.

Steve formed his first band in 2005 called "Above It All", AIA only played local Hull gigs and whilst had a small following, this was made up of largely the bands circle of friends. After playing in AIA for a year Steve decided to leave as he was not happy with the direction the band was taking & formed the industrial band "Nervehammer". Nervehammer was received well and had a small hit with their song "Arena (Step Up)" which was played regularly in the Hull alternative nightclub Spiders.

After a few years of playing gigs & writing music tension in Nervehammer grew to a point where Steve & his cousin Lee could no longer work together and so Nervehammer split.

Steve began writing music as a solo artist under the name of Derkoi which was an old nickname for his parents pet dog when he was growing up. Derkoi has released the single "Your Lies" in Celldweller's FiXT Music and is currently working on a full-length album. He has also remixed artists Celldweller & Blue Stahli for FiXT Remix[2] & Nine Inch Nails[3]


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